Macworld has been busy rolling out the iLife ’08 reviews, including iPhoto ’08, iDVD ’08, GarageBand ’08, and, most recently, iLife’s most controversial application, iMovie ’08.

In this podcast I spend time talking with Mike Curtis, founder of HD for Indies, a consultancy and Web site focused on high-definition video/film production. Mike wrote Macworld’s iMovie ’08 review. In our interview Mike nicely details the fine (and not-so-fine) points of this new-from-head-to-toes version of iMovie.

Speaking of controversial subjects, later in the show, frequent Macworld contributor, Ben Long, and I discuss Ben’s latest passion— hacking the iPhone.

Adding my two-bits early in the broadcast I muse over what it takes for those representing AT&T to make threatening calls to Northern Ireland in the middle of the night.

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Show Notes

Before we issue judgement on high-profile applications such as those that make up iLife ’08, we give them a long first look. Follow the links to check out those first looks at iMovie ’08, iDVD ’08 , GarageBand ’08, iWeb ’08, and iPhoto ’08.

Mike and I talk a lot about iMovie HD, the previous version of iMovie distributed with iLife ’06. Apple is giving it away to those who purchase iMovie ’08. If you have iMovie HD already installed, the iLife ’08 installer doesn’t remove it, so you needn’t download it. However, if you’ve never owned the program and would like to see what all the fuss is about, you can find it here.

Ben mentions Nullriver’s Installer application for adding programs and UNIX executables to your iPhone. You can find it here.

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