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Five great courses

Wish you had paid more attention when you were in school? Visit the iTunes Store and check out these podcasts of some popular college classes.

Astro C10: Introduction to General Astronomy: If you’re interested in the universe, start with this University of California, Berkeley, course.

Ask a Biologist: From Arizona State University, this podcast features Dr. Biology interviewing different scientists to learn about the living world.

Electricity & Magnetism: This MIT video series introduces you to the world of electromagnetism, and how it drives both everyday devices and not-so-everyday events.

History 7B: From the Civil War to the Present: Gain a new perspective on this period in U.S. history, courtesy of the University of California, Berkeley.

Elementary Greek: This Concordia Seminary course helps you learn Greek, complete with proper pronunciation.

[ Derik DeLong is a recent college graduate and a co-editor and writer for ]

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