Pasting Safari graphics to Word

Reader Keith Boone is puzzled by the relationship between Safari and Microsoft Word. He writes:

I have run into a cut and paste issue in Safari when using Microsoft Word. I look up an image in Google and when my image is located, I Control-click (or right click) and choose Copy Image from the contextual menu. I then go to my opened Word document and choose Paste. Instead of seeing the picture, I only get the URL to it.

I can copy and paste from Safari to any other program (Pages, TextEdit, and so on) and all works fine. I can also use Firefox except the Copy Image works no matter which application I am pasting to. Sure, I could just save the image to the Desktop, and just drag it into the Word document, however that creates an extra step. Is there a setting or something I could do to make the programs play better together?

Here’s the way around the problem:

Instead of choosing Paste, choose Edit -> Paste Special. In the resulting Paste Special window choose Picture and click OK. The image will be pasted into the document rather than the URL.

This is a slight pain in the neck. In such situations I select the image I want to copy in Safari and click and drag it into an open Word document. The image appears in the Word doc as it should.

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