Bugs & Fixes: Console log's infinite loop

Launch Apple’s Console utility ( /Applications/Utilities ) and check your Console log. Do you see the same message repeatedly—for example, “Looking for devices matching vendor ID=1193 and product ID=8717?” Does the message appear again every few seconds?

If so, this almost certainly means a running program is searching for a hardware peripheral that’s not connected to your Mac. It’s a minor problem, but it could slow down your Mac’s performance.

How does the offending software wind up on your Mac? In my case, it happened when I installed the software for my Canon scanner. It installed two items in my Login Items list, both necessary to enable the buttons on Canon scanners. However, only one was for my model; the other (named NO67U_ButtonManager ) was for a different model. That was the file that was generating the errors.

The solution can be simple: Go to your Accounts preferences pane, click on the Login Items tab, and delete the unnecessary item from the list. Log out and log back in and the Console errors should stop.

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