The jury is in on Apple’s latest round of iPod updates—both from our reviewers and from you.

We begin this episode of the Macworld Podcast by hearing from senior editors Christopher Breen and Dan Frakes. They’ve been spending a lot of time lately with the iPod nano, iPod classic, and iPod touch to review the new music players for Macworld . We talk about what they like—and what they don’t like—about the updated iPod line.

Then, it’s your turn. We wrap up the podcast with a round of reader e-mails and audio comments focused on the new iPods as well as Apple’s iPhone.

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Hopefully, the listener feedback we included in this podcast will inspire you to share your own comments in a future episode. Just send an e-mail to our regular podcast host, Christopher Breen. We particularly welcome audio feedback—just send us an AAC or MP3 file with your comments. Or give us a call at 415/520-9761 and leave a message at the sound of the tone.

Show Notes

Be sure to read our reviews of each new iPod:

Reader Kim Michaels asked a question in our reader feedback section about voice-recording capabilities with the new iPods; we hedged a little on our answer, but Dan Frakes provides a more definitive response:

We covered this in our reviews of the new nano and classic; specifically, microphone attachments do work, but you can’t control recording using buttons on the microphone, and connecting such a microphone doesn’t automatically bring up the Voice Memos screen; you need to manually navigate to that screen and use the Start/Stop commands found there. As for the touch, unfortunately it doesn't support microphone attachments at all.

We also speculate in the question-and-answer session on the future of iPod games, specifically whether they’ll be available for fifth-generation iPods in addition to the new nano, classic, and touch models. After we finished recording the podcast, Apple released new versions of Tetris, Ms. Pac-Man and Sudoku that are compatible with fifth-generation iPods with video as well as third-generation nanos and the new iPod classic.

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