This week’s Macworld Video addresses the new features in Apple’s recent iMovie ’08 7.1 update. Unlike most iLife updates, which are all about bug fixes, this update adds some nice new functionality to iMovie ’08.

It’s a controversial product, this iMovie ’08, largely because it’s a brand-new product that is lacking many of the features of its predecessor, iMovie HD. However, leaving aside the controversy over Apple’s decision to kill iMovie HD, iMovie ’08 is very good at what it was designed to do: let users cut down their videos quickly and then share them with their friends and family. If you’re someone with a giant pile of home videos just sitting around unedited, iMovie ’08 is meant for you.

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Show Notes

• Apologies for the sound problems during my introduction and conclusion. We’re working on finding and eliminating whatever is causing that background buzz.

• You can read our review of iMovie ’08.

• Apple’s iMovie 7.1 release notes.

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