Lock it up

Lock it up


Illustrations by John Ueland

When it comes to security, you may be your own worst enemy. What puts you at risk is not so much the firewall, antivirus, or other security software you do (or don’t) use as much as the bad habits you may have picked up. Careless computing puts your data, and even your identity, at risk. Our Lock It Up series will offers tips aimed to make your computing life more secure, starting today with ways to prevent others from getting at your private data.

So what are you supposed to do about it? Start developing some new habits. That’s why we’ve assembled the following security manifesto for Mac users: five promises you should make to yourself to avoid compromising your security.

We’ve also included some concrete steps that’ll help you keep those promises. Some of those steps might seem familiar or obvious. But you’d be surprised how many savvy Mac users still avoid them. (For your convenience, we’ve graded each one on a scale of one to four for the amount of security it provides and the hassle it entails.)

Take our Mac security pledge:

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