Bugs & Fixes: Safari 3 menu slowdowns

It’s now October, which means a final version of Safari 3 should appear once OS X 10.5 makes its scheduled debut this month. For now, the next version of Apple’s Web browser remains a publicly available beta. A common problem with Safari 3 involves menus—especially the Bookmarks and History menus. These menus can take unusually long to appear, sometimes requiring you to wait 5 to 10 seconds before the menu drops down. The next time you select these menus, the delay is gone. But it eventually returns.

A temporary solution may be to select Safari -> Empty Cache. Another possible answer is to navigate to your user folder /Library/Safari/Icons and delete the icon.db item. Unfortunately, neither of these is guaranteed to work. The real fix is for Apple to eradicate the bug, hopefully in time for the release version of Safari.

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