Bugs & Fixes: Random iPod resets

Last month’s iPod Software Update 1.0.1 made its mark by tackling performance issues related to the redesigned interface of the new iPod nano and iPod classic. (In the case of the classic, the improvement was dramatic enough for Macworld to revisit its review of the 80GB and 160GB music players.)

If you have a third-generation nano or an iPod classic, and the device freezes or resets when album artwork is showing in its display, iPod Software Update 1.0.1 should fix that glitch. Connect your iPod to your Mac, select the iPod from iTunes’ Sources list and click on Check For Update to make sure that your iPod software is up to date.

If you’re unlucky, however, the problem persists. Your next step is to go to the Music tab, deselect Display Album Artwork on Your iPod, and click on Apply.

If you prefer not to do this, because you want to keep the artwork display, your remaining option is to use trial-and-error to determine which album covers are triggering the freezes. Delete the artwork for just those albums.

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