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Kelly Turner

My strategy: Over the course of a day, I accumulate a lot of files—text files from writers, PDFs from the art department, press releases and photos from companies, screenshots for articles, and my own snapshots. And that’s just a few of the most common sources of my Mac’s clutter. So any new feature that helps me find the files I need, lets me alter the files quickly, protects the files from accidental mishaps, and lets me hide from people who may give me more work, is good news to me. Some of my fellow editors may mock me for giving almost a third of my slots to Preview, but if you want to work with PDFs and images without opening an Adobe program, there’s much to love in Apple’s announced changes for this underappreciated app.

My picks:

  • Time Machine Automatic Backup

    When it comes to backing up my data, I am my own worst enemy. I know it’s important. But the task just never occurs to me until I’ve actually run into trouble. With Leopard’s Time Machine I won’t have to think about it at all. Even better, there’s almost nothing to set up—or mess up. By taking the weakest link (me) out of the equation, my Mac is bound to live a happier and healthier life.
  • iChat Invisibility

    To some people, a red light on your iChat status means “do not disturb.” To others, it means “Of course I’ll make time for you .” Now I’ll be able to keep tabs on my buddy list—for example to see if my boss has already left for the meeting—without inviting interruptions. As they say, out of sight, out of mind.
  • Time Machine figures to take the most unreliable element—the human one—out of the backup process.

  • Multi-Select in Quick Look
  • More Image Manipulation Options in Preview
  • PDF Manipulation in Preview
  • Preview’s Instant Alpha Background Removal
  • Inline Editing in iCal
  • New Automator Actions
  • Sync Dashboard Widget Settings with .Mac
  • Mosaic Display for Picture Screen Savers
  • What I’d never pick: The feature list for iChat promises more smileys. The world really needs more?

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