Override some Safari 3 warning dialogs

Last month, I provided a few Safari 3 tips; today, I’m going to offer a couple more things you might find useful in your work with Safari 3, and both are related to generally useful warnings that Safari 3 provides.

One of Safari 3’s warnings appears when you click the red close button for a window with multiple open tabs. Safari very nicely reminds you that you have more than one tab open, and asks if you’re sure you’d like to close the window. But when you’re certain you want to close the window, this dialog can be a bit of a pain, as it requires action on your part to clear it. So when you’re really certain you want to close a multi-tabbed window, just hold down the Option key before you click the red close button, and you won't get a warning. Note: This will also close any other open Safari windows!

The second warning dialog will appear when you attempt to close a window that contains form fields which contain data, but have not yet been submitted. As with the first warning, this is generally a very good thing, but… some Web 2.0 sites that rely on Ajax can falsely trip the non-submitted form detector, leading to lots of annoying warnings that really aren't warnings at all. If you’d like to disable this feature, you can—but this is a permanent change, so you won’t see any warnings in the future, even legitimate ones.

To make this change, quit Safari, open Terminal, and enter this command:

defaults write com.apple.Safari DebugConfirmTossingUnsubmittedFormText 0

Relaunch Safari, and you’ll never see another incomplete form warning. To get the warnings back, quit Safari, then repeat the above command, but replace the 0 at the end with a 1.

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