Lightroom, Aperture cautions with Leopard

As Leopard gets out into both the developer and user communities, we’re seeing a few cautionary notes from developers regarding compatibility and performance. Recently, Apple and Adobe issued advisories regarding their respective image management and catalog applications, Aperture and Photoshop Lightroom:

Lightroom compatibility issues

given the thumbs-upLightroom blog

Hogarty also remarked that they’re also trying to understand the what happens when Lightroom accesses its Catalog file (which contains information regarding the operations you’ve applied to images in your library) while Leopard’s Time Machine is running:

“The interaction between Leopard’s Time Machine and Lightroom’s catalog files is unknown at this time. Running Time Machine backup or restore operations while Lightroom is in use is not recommended until more information can be obtained.”

Aperture and Time Machine

Leopard compatibilityusing manual backup and restore settings

“If you use Time Machine with Leopard, be sure to set your computer up so that Time Machine only does manual backups. Avoid performing either backups or restores while Aperture is running.”
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