Following on the heels of our last video, which profiled cool features in Leopard, we’re back with another visual tour of Mac OS X 10.5. This time, I take a look at some of the lesser-known features in Leopard.

We begin our tour in Photo Booth, OS X’s built-in snapshot application, before moving on to Font Book and creating PDF guides to the fonts installed on your Mac.

Time Machine certainly isn’t a lesser-known feature, but how it works with iPhoto might be. At any rate, I tackle that in the video, too.

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Show Notes

In the Photo Booth section of the video, I mention this Mac 911 blog entry, which discusses how Leopard’s background masking can be hit or miss.

You can read about the changes to Font Book in this section of our OS X 10.5 preview. That same feature also takes a closer look at Time Machine.

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