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Video: MovieMate 50

Sure, big-screen plasma and rear-projection TVs are great for watching movies. But to really get your cinematic geek on, there's nothing like a projector that blasts your favorite film theater-size across the nearest white wall. Epson America's new MovieMate 50 ($800) isn't the only projector that'll let you plug in a DVD player or Mac laptop to project your favorite movies, but it's one of the smallest all-in-one projectors on the market.

The MovieMate 50 includes its own DVD and CD player, two built-in speakers, offset lens shift for distortion-free images, Epson's 3LCD technology for brilliant images and video, and a sleek black design. Oh, yeah, it'll also do a dandy job in the conference room at work for those boring old presentations.-Dan Miller

Games: My Jigsaw

My Jigsaw makes customized jigsaw puzzles for people who think they're the center of the universe. You provide a mailing address and $40, and My Jigsaw returns a 12-by-18-inch, 400-piece puzzle.

Based on the U.S. Geological Survey's incredibly detailed maps, the puzzle shows the location you provided and the 24 square miles surrounding it, complete with roads, topographic contour lines, notable buildings, and more ($40).-DM

Audio: Fatman iTube

Fatman iTube amp and dock

Audiophiles complain that compressed music sounds cold and thin. Many also swear that old-school valve amps deliver sound that's warmer and fuller than what you get from today's transistor-based hardware. Translate those two observations into a product, and you get TL Audio's Fatman iTube amp and dock for iPods ($750).

As the name implies, it's a tube-based amp designed specifically for iPods. The iTube comes with a dock for your iPod and a squat, chrome-faced amplifier with three vacuum tubes proudly sprouting out of its top. You also get a 27-function remote control, and composite and S-Video outputs so that you can watch iPod-hosted videos on your TV.-DM

[ Brian Chen is an assistant editor for Macworld . Dan Frakes is a senior editor for Macworld and the senior reviews editor for . Dan Miller is the executive editor of Macworld . Dan Moren is an associate editor for Macworld . Kelly Turner is a senior editor for Macworld.]

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