ImageWell 3.3 adds Leopard support

One of those indispensable apps for me, ImageWell (   ; reviewed May 23, 2005 ), was updated this week to Version 3.3, adding compatibility for Leopard and the iLife ’08 suite.

The free utility can automatically resize images and upload them to FTP servers, your iDisk, Flickr account (or other photo-sharing service), or any other location on your computer. Along the way, it can also create custom watermarks and build HTML image and URL tags, copying them to the clipboard at the same time it’s doing its magic on your image.

While ImageWell is free, for $20 you can activate a set of extra features, including limited image-editing tools and support for batch operations. While I don’t use the Xtras all that much, over the years I have found ImageWell so useful that I’ve paid the $20. Yes, you can use the tools you already have—Photoshop, iPhoto, Preview—but sometimes it’s nice to have a small well-lit utility that does a simple job very well.

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