Little Snitch 2.0 overhauled, gets Leopard fix

Objective Development on Thursday announced the release of Little Snitch 2, its software to protect your Mac from making “undesirable transmissions” across the Internet. Little Snitch 2.0 costs $24.95 to register; upgrades fro 1.x cost $12.95.

Little Snitch sits between your Mac’s applications and the Internet. It informs you of any attempt your Mac might make to establish an outgoing connection and allows you to decide what information gets through.

Little Snitch 2.0 is now compatible with Mac OS X v10.5 “Leopard,” according to the developer. What’s more, Little Snitch has been “totally overhauled,” and has a new application interface that lists all defined rules and allows you to make a user-specific configuration. You can grant specific permissions to trusted applications. A new network monitor is now activated through the menu bar, and the monitor shows detailed information about the inbound and outbound network traffic. It also can show colored gauges in the menu bar to indicate network activity.

Other changes in Little Snitch 2.0 include improved traffic filtering, IPv6 support, and better help.

Regarding upgrades, if you have a copy of a Little Snitch 1.x license key that starts with “32,” you can use this license key to upgrade to version 2 for free.

This story, "Little Snitch 2.0 overhauled, gets Leopard fix" was originally published by PCWorld.

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