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Voting is underway for our annual Readers’ Choice Awards, but that’s not discouraging some last-minute campaigning on behalf of the finalists. And in this case, the campaigning is being done by you.

Last week, when we announced the finalists for our four reader-selected awards, we invited you to submit appeals on behalf of your favorite products. And you responded—my inbox was flooded with last-minute campaign speeches aimed at bolstering the prospects of some our our nominees.

Here’s a sampling of some of the more compelling endorsements readers and forum members have posted since voting began.

• iPod touch for Apple Product of the Year

“Everyone has been waiting for Apple to come out with a PDA and they have without any fanfare, the iPod touch… with third-arty apps it does almost everything you want an organizer to do. Brilliant… or did I miss something?”— Dennis Bater

• iPhone for Apple Product of the Year

“I don’t really think you can overestimate the effect of the iPhone on the cell phone market. That’s why I’ll vote for it for product of the year.”— Agnito

• iWork ’08 for Apple Product of the Year

“Sure iPhone is great, and so is Leopard. But I like iWork ’08 better than either. My hat goes off to the iWork team. MS Office be damned—I’m never going back.”— ingus24

• Merlin 2 for Third-Party Software of the Year

“[Merlin] is as Mac as Apple’s own products. You feel at home using Merlin for sure. Add to that the fact that Merlin is designed by real project managers, which means you get a professional grade application that follows today’s PM standards. But the biggest one for me is technical support. I never had to wait longer than few hours to get a meaningful answer from their tech support.”— Peter

• VMware Fusion for Third-Party Software of the Year

“Except those who recall Insignia Solutions SoftPC/SoftWindows on the Mac or DOS cards, no one has mastered running x86 virtualized like VMware. VMware has stellar support for Windows x86 and x64 editions, Linux x86 and x64 and soon OS X Server which is no easy task. They stepped up to compete with Parallels creating Unity to match the ability to blend x86 windows into an OS experience. Fusion is perfect for relegating malware-laden Windows in the padded confines of a virtual machine.”— Richard Cardona

• 1Password for Mac Gem of the Year

“I’ve never seen a team with such dedication to their software, combined with a sense of their customer’s need for frugality. Besides that, they have made the most useful application for the Mac platform; one that saves time, effort and stress. It integrates very well with all the browsers and they don’t try to force anything on you; they obtain users by creating quality, which makes them an example of a Mac software dev team.”— Rosano Coutinho

• Posterino for Mac Gem of the Year

“A longtime priest at my church is leaving. My church wanted to give her something special as a going-away gift. I volunteered to make her a photo gift. I made her a 20-by-30 poster of church photos with Posterino. It took me 15 minutes! It looks spectacular, and well, I look brilliant. I love to push a button and create something that looks like it took me hours! In Photoshop, this would have taken me hours and it would not look as polished. This is Mac software at its best.”— Marie Boyer

• iGTD for Mac Gem of the Year

“I’d like to vote for iGTD because the application was developed so rapidly from almost nothing in the beginning. IMO, it’s the best GTD app out there, and the developer has always been very responsive, especially with including new features that were requested. Please also consider that iGTD has been provided as freeware from the beginning. I am sure that iGTD not only improved my life. It has become an app I couldn’t live without.”— D.I.

• Scrivener for Mac Gem of the Year

“Scrivener is astonishing—a liberating tool for thinking and organizing ideas, and composing words. It has done for writing—actual writing, not just processing words—what Photoshop has done for image manipulation, what Dreamweaver (and others) has done for web design, what Safari (and others) has done for web browsing, and what Final Cut Pro has done for video editing. It’s a brilliant tool for exploring creativity because it helps organize the chaos of your brain.”— Michael Penland

The polls are now closed. Thank you for participating.

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