This installment of the Macworld Podcast starts in the Caribbean Sea and winds up in Iceland. And you thought your Thanksgiving travel plans were complicated.

We start off our global podcast on board the MS Volendam , where editorial director Jason Snell checks in from the latest MacMania cruise. Then, it’s off to Iceland, where senior news editor and Game Room columnist Peter Cohen attended the annual Fanfest for EVE Online, a massively multiplayer online game that made its Mac debut a week ago. Peter talks with Hilmar Pétersson, CEO of EVE Online maker CCP Games, and Vikas Gupta, and Gavriel State of TransGaming, which makes the Cider technology that allowed EVE to come to the Mac.

Alas, I didn’t travel anywhere for this podcast installment, but I do spend some time talking about Leopard and the iPhone.

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Show Notes

My Leopard and iPhone commentary mentions Apple’s iPhone SDK—you can read more about that here. Also of interest is this YouTube clip of Steve Jobs and Phil Schiller demonstrating features that didn’t make it into the shipping version of Leopard’s iChat.

Jason Snell’s interview is with Neil Bauman of Insight Cruises, which is already planning MacMania 8, which will cruise the Eastern Mediterranean in November 2008. In the meantime, you can read Jason’s dispatches from MacMania 7, with reports from Aruba and Curaçao.

Peter Cohen filed a slew of reports during his extended weekend in Iceland, starting with his arrival in Reykjavik, an aborted trip to the famed Blue Lagoon, and a wrap-up of the Fanfest. (You can see some pictures from Peter’s travels here.)

Peter also has information about EVE Online, including a newbie’s guide to the game as well as a first look at EVE. And here’s some background on TransGaming’s Cider technology that’s helping a growing number of games make it to the Mac.


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