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I’m beginning to worry that I spend too much time concerned with the technological trappings of the world around us. I think Lord Vader put it best when he admonished Imperial Admiral Motti not to be too proud of the technological terror he’d constructed—after all, the ability to destroy a planet is insignificant next to the power of the Force. Or, for that matter, the power of the Internet to slowly suck your life away, gurgling down a series of tubes. But seriously, when you close your eyes at night and just see an endless parade of dancing cell phones, multifunction printers, and digital music players, you can be sure of one thing: your dreams are going to be seriously messed up, man.

So, you may ask, what do video camera glasses, a gaming projector, and a compact bag have in common? Other than all being featured in this week’s edition of Gadgetbox, I have absolutely no idea. But hopefully you trust me enough to read on. Keep those fingers crossed.

These glasses totally have SpyTec

When I was younger, I thought it would be cool to have a video camera that was always on, recording those great moments in your life so you could replay them over and over again. Now older and certainly a little bit more jaded , I’m rethinking how many times I could possibly watch my friend accidentally crush a raw egg in his hands, just moments after declaring that the ovoid shape made such a feat impossible . You know what? Never mind: I could watch that forever .

But seeing as people might be wary about someone carrying a video camera around with them all the time, you need something a little more discreet: like these glasses with a built-in digital video recorder. According to the vendor, the glasses are “‘state of the art’ equipment which is ideal for investigative journalists, private investigators and ‘mystery’ shoppers.” Oh, yes, I imagine these would be just perfect for investigative journalists, as long as they also somehow manage to build up a Jack Nicholson-like reputation of constantly wearing sunglasses, even while indoors at night . Not to mention, anybody who’s legitimately concerned with not being recorded is probably going to recognize this rather— ahem —distinctive eyewear.

The $1,688 asking price for this system includes the glasses, which contain the camera, and the recorder, a separate device attached via a wire (“Pardon me sir, do you realize there’s a wire connected to your glasses?”) with 32MB of built-in storage (oh, yeah, that’ll store plenty of data); you can add an extra SD card for more if you want, but I’d recommend cutting your losses by not buying the glasses in the first place —no matter how many YouTube videos you might be able to get out of them. That doesn’t make it right, my friends.

[via Red Ferret ]

Projection isn’t just a psychological condition; it’s a game too

I like gaming with my friends on my Xbox 360, but admittedly my 27” Sony CRT is getting a bit long in the tooth (especially when your gaming buddies are rocking the Halo 3 on 50” plasmas). That’s where InFocus’s new IN1 gaming projector comes in. Sure, it’s only got a pathetic 640x480 resolution, and is limited to just an 8 foot diagonal screen, but at least the contrast ratio runs at a decent 1500:1.

The big advantage though is for those who just don’t have a convenient wall for a projected image. Take my living room, for example: in tried and true New England style, it can best be described as an irregular hexagon. There isn’t really a wall that’s suitable for projecting a screen on. But the IN1 has a trick up its sleeve: through the use of a $20 accessory mirror, it can flip the image and display it on your otherwise good-for-nothing ceiling. Awesome, right?

Not to mention that at just $549, it’s a sight cheaper than a lot of the other (superior) projectors on the market—though admittedly, you get what you pay for. And it’s definitely a step-up from my old Sony warhorse.

[via Gizmodo ]

This sort of thing is my reusable, squishable bag, baby

I admit that bag technology may not be the sexiest thing you’ve ever seen, but then again maybe it’s just because you’re not using a Flip & Tumble bag. Or perhaps we just have different definitions of sexy . Personally, I think a bag that can handle 20 lbs. of capacity and fold into a ball the size of a pair of socks is easily in the running against your average Victoria’s Secret model.

The Flip & Tumble bag operates on the same principle as a stuff sack. Using the included pouch, you scrunch the bag up and slip it inside the pouch, then pull the rest of the pouch over it. Yes, that’s right, it’s so simple that even a child—or, for that matter, a childish gadget blogger—can handle it.

Think of all the things you can carry in it: groceries, extra clothes, gadgets . Plus, it’s environmentally friendly, encouraging you to reuse the same bag for your needs instead of getting more disposable bags. And for all of that, the bag will run you just $15 in your choice of black, teal, neon lime, or brown. They’ll be available next week, but you can pre-order now. I plan on buying so many that I will need to buy a Flip & Tumble bag just to carry all of my other Flip & Tumble bags.

[via Popgadget ]

That’s all we have this week. Next week we’ll be back for a last pre-turkey day edition of Gadgetbox. See you then.

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