Getting good underwater shots

Derrick Story, over at The Digital Story blog, has posted an underwater photo gallery of shots taken while snorkeling in the Caribbean during Macworld’s recent MacMania 7 cruise. While I love to look at Derrick’s shots, what’s more interesting are Derrick’s tips for getting good underwater photos, which, as he notes, “were [all] captured with a rig that costs less than $500.”

Derrick also talks about working with your pictures once they’re off your camera and on to your Mac:

“Once I’m out of the water, I still have some correcting to do in post production—most of it is levels and white balance adjustment. The good news is, once you figure out the adjustments you want, you can apply them to most of the shots from the day. Features such as ‘copy’ and ‘paste’ in iPhoto or ‘lift’ and ‘stamp’ in Aperture are real time savers for these types of assignments.”

If you’d like to see more from the recent cruise, start with Jason Snell’s ship-to-shore video podcast, with special guests David Pogue and AppleScript wunderkind Sal Soghoian.

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