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How many photos did you take this past year? A few hundred? A few thousand ? If you’re anything like me, most of those photos are probably languishing on your hard drive, waiting to be rediscovered.

A print isn’t the only way to show off your photographic endeavors. Whereas photo-based gifts were once limited to mouse pads and mugs, now you can customize far more interesting objects with your favorite pictures. For instance, you can find businesses that will turn your images into works of art, stylish accessories, even edible delights. And with the holiday season in full swing, photo creations can make for great presents, too. Here’s a look at just some of the cool stuff you can do with your photos. Get more ideas, including stamps, coasters, and cookies.

Drink up

Want people to ooh and aah at your next party? Find a favorite snapshot of the guest of honor and have Jones Soda personalize a case of pop by placing that person’s photo on the bottle labels.

Before submitting the picture, you’ll need to crop shots to a specific size and resolution using an image editor such as Adobe Photoshop CS3 (   ; $649) or Yellow Mug’s EasyBatchPhoto ($24). The new version of Preview in OSX 10.5 can also do the job. You have the option of adding a photo credit along the side of the image and up to seven lines of text on the back of the label.

You can select from several flavors, such as Berry Lemonade, shown here. A case of 12 personalized sodas costs $30, plus shipping, and can take up to four weeks for delivery.

Photos that rock

Becoming a parent doesn’t have to mean losing your cool factor. Show off your newest rock star by commissioning the husband-and-wife team at Rattle-n-Roll to create a customized concert poster with your little one’s photo and birth details.

Simply select one of five templates, and then e-mail your child’s picture along with important stats like name, date and time of birth, weight, and parents’ names. Rattle-n-Roll uses the photo as inspiration for a hand-drawn illustration of your child. The resulting prints on white card stock are beautiful and richly saturated. Of course, the service isn’t limited to babies. Feel free to submit photos of teenagers, pets, or yourself.

As you’d expect with custom artwork, the posters will cost a pretty penny. For $200, you get two 11-by-17-inch posters (additional prints are $10 each). For $250, you receive two posters and a pack of 50 8.5-by-5.5-inch postcards that you can send out as birth announcements or party invitations. The company can also create a unique design and customize the order to suit your whims, though you’ll have to pay an additional fee.

A light in the dark

Brighten up a room with your child’s smile—literally. After you submit your image file to Light Affection, the company carves the image into a piece of hard, translucent resin; frames it in black wood; and mounts it on a night-light. When turned on, the light shines through the carving’s various layers to create the illusion of a backlit sepia-toned photo.

Because the resulting image is fairly small (about 2.75 inches square), you’ll get the best results from close-up shots featuring just one or two people and a relatively uncluttered background. The night-light costs $40, plus shipping.

Instant decorations

Sharing your photos should be just as fun—and easy—as taking them. Moo, a printing company based in London, understands that philosophy. The site lets you effortlessly pass along your favorite photos as note cards, stickers, or miniature cards. But unlike some similar services, Moo allows you to place a different photo on every sticker or card—letting you make the most of your collection.

With the company’s newest offering, StickerBooks, you can submit as many as 90 different photos to create a pocket-size booklet of small glossy stickers—great for decking out packages, sealing envelopes, or just jazzing up boring surfaces. MiniCards are another favorite of mine. These thin 1-by-2.75-inch cards feature an image on one side and text on the other, making them ideal for use as gift tags. Plus, you can choose up to 100 different images to keep things varied. StickerBooks cost $10, while a pack of 100 MiniCards is $20.

Transferring your photos to Moo is a breeze. You can upload the images directly from your computer, or if you are part of a Web community such as Flickr, Facebook, or Vox, you can access your online photo albums right from the Moo interface. You’re not limited to using your own snapshots, either. If you prefer, you can choose professional artwork from several graphic designers, including Marc Johns and Blanca Gomez, or you can select from various photo themes, such as cats, skies, and flowers.

[ Kelly Turner is a senior editor at Macworld.]

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