The Macworld Podcast turns 100—100 episodes, that is. Started by original host Cyrus Farivar in those dark days when radio-like programs were more commonly found on radio-like devices, the Macworld Podcast has evolved into the slick production you hear today.

After an unexpected peek back at the early days of the podcast I talk with frequent Macworld contributor, Jeff Carlson, about his first look and in-progress review of Apple’s video editing application, Final Cut Express 4. If you’ve been frustrated by the limitations of iMovie ’08, is this version of Final Cut the express you should take? Listen to find out.

I conclude the hundredth episode with a conversation with IDG World Expo’s Brand VP in charge of Macworld Conference & Expo, Paul Kent. As you might guess, the subject is January’s Macworld Expo.

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Show Notes

The special guest who appears at the beginning of the podcast has a website. You might wish to check it out.

As we chat about Final Cut Express 4, Jeff and I refer to iMovie ’08 and iMovie HD. You can read Mike Curtis’ review of the latest version of iMovie here. You can hear my earlier interview with Mike in Podcast 93.

In addition to throwing a dynamite Expo every year, Paul Kent is a rockin’ daddy-o. If you like classic rock n roll, check out the Silicon Valley Houserockers.

Music Credits: “Basic” by Epicte the Elemental opens the show. Want to hear more of his music? Need a DJ in the Washington, D.C. area? E-mail him at epicte [at] gmail [dot] com. The rest of the show’s title-less music was composed and performed by yours truly.

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