Google Mac Developer Playground unveiled

Google has many products available for desktop and mobile users, but until today there wasn’t a specific area for Mac users to find products made just for them.

Google rectified that by introducing the Google Mac Developer Playground. The playground is a place where Mac users can look for new open source projects and demos.

The Mac playground opened with six projects online – Stats, GData, MacFUSE, iPhone Disk, Cover Story and Quartz Composer Patches.

Google Product Manager Karen Grünberg explained to Macworld that the projects are a result of the 20 percent time that Google gives its employees to work on other projects. The engineers also use their own time to work on many of projects.

“The whole playground idea is really an engineering lead product,” she said.

Grünberg said they don’t have any specific product release schedule – products will posted on the playground when they are ready for public consumption.

This story, "Google Mac Developer Playground unveiled" was originally published by PCWorld.

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