Velvia Photoshop plug-in updated for CS3

Fred Miranda has released Version 1.5 of Velvia Vision, his $25 Photoshop plug-in for enhancing color and tone in your images. The update primarily adds support for Photoshop CS3.

Velvia Vision grew out of a Photoshop action Fred created years ago to mimic the warmth and saturation of Fuji’s classic Velvia slide film, which was a mainstay of many landscape photographers’ work in the 1990s. The plug-in lets you perform simple color correction, as well as adjust contrast, warmth and dynamic range at varying levels of intensity.

Velvia Vision is one of those products you won’t use on every image, and it is possible for you to build the effects yourself by tweaking Photoshop. However, like Pixel Genius’ PhotoKit plug-ins —which I also highly recommend—it’s a good utility to have tucked into your toolbox.

Velvia Vision
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