TLA Systems’ $29 DragThing—now at version 5.9—is one of my favorite utilities.

DragThing is a quick-launch utility. You can use DragThing to set up docks—in a nearly infinite set of combinations—to help you quickly open folders, launch programs, connect to remote file servers, control the screens of remote macs, and lots more. And if you dislike Stacks, one of the features of the new Leopard Dock, you can use DragThing to replace your Dock with one that’s more customizable and controllable than the one that Apple provides.

In this installment of the Macworld Video I give you a brief tour of DragThing, what its Docks look like, and what it can do. Even though tools such as Spotlight and LaunchBar have made it easier than ever to quickly open what you’re looking for, I still use DragThing every day for accessing Smart (and not-so-smart) Folders, FTP servers, file servers, and other Mac screens via screen sharing.

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Show Notes

Christopher Breen recently touted the merits of DragThing as a Stacks alternative in his Mac 911 blog. Dan Frakes also tackled the same topic in the Mac Gems blog.

Speaking of Mac Gems, it’s a great place to find the latest reviews of low-cost Mac software.

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