MacPractice EDR released, for dentists

MacPractice has announced the release of MacPractice EDR (Electronic Dental Records), a new version of their medical practice software optimized for dentist's offices using Mac OS X. The software costs $1,500 plus $300 annually for support and updates.

MacPractice EDR is designed to dovetail with MacPractice DDS. It lets dentists create and use clinical data like health history, clinical notes with graphic annotations on teeth and other new features. What's more, MacPractice EDR will gain interactivity with MacPractice DDS's ledger functionality; the company also plans to release MacPractice Tooth Chart in the first calendar quarter of next year.

The software can automatically generate narratives using form data, and patient data entered in MacPractice can be displayed on forms using a "Pull Fields" function. MacPractice DDS and EDR utilize a MySQL database structure; creating new EDR forms automatically creates new tables in that database.

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