PopCap releases Peggle, Chuzzle for Mac

Casual game maker PopCap Games has released Macintosh versions of its hit games Peggle and Chuzzle. Each game is available for $19.95 (the company currently has a sale that reduces the price to $9.97).

Peggle, which recently arrived on the iPod as well, is a combination of pinball, pachinko and Breakout -- you send metal balls caroming around a playfield collecting points as they hit pegs. Chuzzle is a matching game featuring furry balls with eyes. Match three or more of the same color in horizontal or vertical lines, and get points. The game features puzzle locks and four different game modes.

Both games are available as trial downloads that let you play before you pay.

Both games requires Mac OS X v10.3 or later and are Universal binaries.

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