Expo: iSale 5 slated for late January release

A research assistant and template editor highlight the next version of iSale, Equinux announced at Macworld Expo this week. Version 5 of the online auction manager is slated to ship in late January.

iSale 5's research assistant is aimed at helping users get their auctions online more quickly. It snips information from applications such as Delicious Library and FileMaker as well as from the Web using the WebSearch Plugin.

The updated software will also feature a new Leopard-inspired interface. An included template editor gives users the ability to change all 222 auction templates that come with iSale. A reworked text engine promises tighter control of text formatting.

iSale 5 also allows users to let their contacts know about upcoming auctions. It will be able to post running auctions in a Facebook profile.

iSale 5 costs $39.95, with existing users able to upgrade for $19.95; customers who bought iSale after December 15, 2007 will get a free upgrade to version 5.

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