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OS X 10.5 brings a few new ways to work with the Get Info window—the one that appears when you press Command-I (or use File -> Get Info) with an item selected in the Finder.

The first thing about the Get Info window is that it actually now is a window. Before it was a floating dialog, which meant you couldn’t do things like close it with a Command-W, or see it in Exposé’s All Windows mode. In 10.5, though, the Get Info window is just another window.

That also means that the icon in the titlebar of the window is a true proxy icon—meaning you can Command- or Control-click on it and see a drop-down menu that shows the full path to the selected item. You can also click-and-hold on the proxy icon, and then drag (to move) or Option-drag (to copy) it to a new location in the Finder.

The other new thing about the Get Info window is that it’s now accessible from a couple of unexpected spots. First, you can press Command-I to open a Get Info window when viewing matches in the Spotlight drop-down list—not the Finder’s results window, but the one that appears after you press Command-Space and type some text. Obviously, you can’t click an item in this list, as that will open the selected item. Instead, just move your mouse over the item of interest (or scroll down to it with the Down Arrow key) and then press Command-I to open a Get Info window for the highlighted item.

You can also open Get Info windows from the Open and Save As dialogs within an application. Just click once on a file in the window and press Command-I. And yes, you can even do this on grayed-out files in the Save As dialog—just click on the file once, and press Command-I. Even though nothing is visibly selected, the proper Get Info window will appear. Note that this also sets the default filename to whatever you clicked on, so be very careful that you don’t accidentally overwrite an unintended file!

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