Expo: Intego introduces X5 versions of personal security software

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Security and antivirus developer Intego has released new “X5” versions of its suite of personal security software products, including NetBarrier, Personal Antispam, VirusBarrier, FileGuard, and Personal Backup. The new versions sport new interfaces and are compatible with both Mac OS X 10.4 and Mac OS X 10.5, although features in some products are only available using Leopard.

Intego’s NetBarrier, VirusBarrier, and Personal Antispam try to put user-friendly faces on the complicated tasks of protecting a Mac from potential online threats, including probes and scans from possible attackers, viruses and other malware embedded in files or Web sites, and the never-ending torrent of spam. Although the Macintosh does not (yet) suffer the raft of online security problems faced by Windows users—and some have charged security firms like Intego with fear-mongering over purported Macintosh security issues—Intego’s products enable Mac users to take control of their online activity, set up sophisticated virus filtering and scanning regimens (including detection of macro viruses in Microsoft Office documents), and keep spam off their computers.

Unlike its Internet-oriented products, Intego’s FileGuard enables users to create “safes” on their Macs where they can store confidential files and information. FileGuard supports multiple safes which can automatically expand to contain new files, and enables users to set separate passwords for safes, and set permissions for safes on shared volumes. The X5 version of Intego’s Personal Backup uses a new format for multiple backups that uses hard links to save disk space, and lets users see which files will be copied before running backup scripts.

FileGuard X5 is a free upgrade for FileGuard X4 owners, with new licenses priced at $49.95; Intego Personal backup costs $69.96. Intego NetBarrier and VirusBarrier sell for $69.95, while Personal Antispam costs $49.95. Five- and ten-seat licenses are available for all Intego’s products.

Intego also offers Internet Security Barrier X5 Antispam Edition (combining the X5 editions of NetBarrier, VirusBarrier, and Personal Antispam) for $85.95, and Internet Security Barrier X5 Backup Edition (combining X5 editions of NetBarrier, VirusBarrier, and Personal Backup) for $99.95. Additional pricing and upgrade information will be available from Intego’s Web site.

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