Expo Notes: Make a smooth move to the iPhone

Editor’s Note: All this week, Macworld editors will report from the Macworld Expo show floor on meetings with Mac developers, new product announcements, and anything else that catches their eye.

The iPhone may be a great mobile device. But it’s probably not the first phone you’ve ever owned. So how do you get all of the photos, phone numbers and other mobile data stored in your old phone onto your shiny new iPhone?

If you have any of these Bluetooth-enabled smartphones, you can use Nova Media’s Fone2Phone. This $20 program improves on OS X’s built-in syncing tools to help you better manage the transfer process, including connecting to your old phone, transferring data to your Mac, and syncing that data with your iPhone.

The program uses its own Bluetooth utility to automatically detect nearby devices. It then offers a simple wizard that helps you copy contacts, media, bookmarks, calendar information, and so on into the right locations on your Mac.

To prevent conflicts, Fone2Phone places your phone data in separate albums and calendars within Apple’s programs—contacts appear in a Fone2Phone group in OS X’s Address Book, for example, while photos appear in their own iPhoto album. Once everything is in the right place, you can use iTunes to sync the data with your iPhone.

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