Expo Notes: Add some color to your iMac

Editor’s Note: All this week, Macworld editors will report from the Macworld Expo show floor on meetings with Mac developers, new product announcements, and anything else that catches their eye.

Speck’s SeeThru for iMac

Back in 2006, I covered Speck’s SeeThru for the MacBook Pro. Essentially a thin shell made of transparent polycarbonate plastic, the SeeThru adds a touch of color and some effective scratch protection to your laptop (it’s now available for the MacBook, as well).

On the Expo floor, Speck is showing off a new version of the SeeThru, but it’s not, as you might suspect, for the new MacBook Air. No, it’s for Apple’s current iMacs. Given that most people aren’t carrying their aluminum iMacs from place to place, the new SeeThru line is mostly for looks, but for those whose tastes lean more towards the whimsical than staid grey-and-black, the colored shells are definitely fun.

The $40 iMac SeeThru should be available around the end of February.

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