TubeStick hybrid lets you watch analog, digital TV

Equinux has introduced the TubeStick hybrid, a new USB thumbstick that enables you to watch digital and analog video on your Mac. It costs $129 and will ship in February.

Designed for the U.S. market, the TubeStick hybrid contains two receivers -- one lets you watch digital over-the-air HDTV or digital QAM signals over a cable television box. The other lets you view analog cable TV signals.

The TubeStick attaches to an open USB port and doesn't block the other USB ports, according to Equinux. It connects to a small white antenna (included) to help boost signal reception. It can connect to TV sources using interfaces and breakout cables that connect to its end.

Software included with the TubeStick hybrid enables you to flip through channels using your Apple Remote or your keyboard, access an Electronic Program Guide (EPG) so you can see what's on, schedule recordings, "timeshift" (or pause and rewind) live TV, save recording and more.

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