Yamaha headphones offer surround sound sans tricks

Yamaha has introduced its new RH10MS Professional Monitor Headphones. The $159 cans offer surround sound without relying on digital signal processing.

The headphones incorporate an ergonomic design to make them comfortable for extended wear. They sport a 1/8th-inch plug, making them compatible with Macs and iPods, though a 1/4-inch plug is also included, for connecting to home entertainment gear and other equipment. Inside each headphone is a 40mm neodymium mylar driver. The cable is 3 meters long.

Rather than relying on echo tricks or signal processing to create a 3D surround effect, the headphones employ S-Logic, technology originally created by Ultrasone. S-Logic uses decentralized driver positioning, which reflects audio off the surface of the outer ear rather than hitting the inner ear directly. This creates the effect of hearing the music as if it were coming from speakers several feet away.

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