3D Bridge connects DAZ Studio, Photoshop

DAZ Productions has introduced a beta version of its 3D Bridge plug-in for Photoshop. the software enables Photoshop users to import characters and objects created in DAZ Studio. Separate plug-ins are available for Mac and Windows.

DAZ Studio lets you create 3D scenes complete with virtual models and actors. You can place cameras where you want, set up lighting and props and more. The software is available for free, though DAZ Productions sells the models used within it.

With the 3D Bridge plug-in, you can launch DAZ Studio from within Photoshop;, view 3D scenes as Photoshop layers, move objects and figures simultaneously with both applications, render into Photoshop, export .u3d files for CS3 Extended, and import and export image maps onto 3D models in Photoshop.

The plug-in is free; please bear in mind it's beta software. Read the site and documentation carefully to be aware of known issues when using the software.

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