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Reader John Boyd finds that his Mighty Mouse is disinclined to scroll. He writes:

The scroll ball on my Might Mouse has stopped working yet again. I’ve tried turning it upside down, etc. like I’ve read around online but no luck. I really like that little scroll ball, and would rather fix it than buy a new mouse. Any way to pull it apart, clean out the gunk, and put it back together again?

Before we go to the extent of ripping the poor thing apart, let’s be sure you’ve tried the usual solutions.

Usual Solution 1: Flip it upside down and rub a water-dampened cloth over the scroll ball, rubbing both horizontally and vertically. With luck, this will loosen the gunk inside that’s causing the problem.

Usual Solution 2: Again, hold the mouse upside down, press the ball down, blast a good couple of jets of compressed air into the space between the mouse’s top and the depressed ball, and move the ball around.

Still no good?

Okaaaay, if you really, really want to pull the poor rodent apart you’ll need a flat-head screwdriver, X-Acto knife, super glue, and these instructions.

As you’ll see from the instructions, this is not the simple operation that cleaning an old Apple ADB mouse was. You have to surgically split your Mighty Mouse and then glue the bits back together after you’ve cleaned its innards. For this reason I suggest you try Usual Solutions 1 and 2 a couple of times (and put some real effort into them). Then, if the thing still won’t work and you’re willing to replace it with another mouse anyway, give it a go.

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