In the last of our special edition podcasts recorded on the show floor of last week’s Macworld Expo, we add a little international flavor. I talk to two developers who traveled to San Francisco all the way from the U.K., as they offer their perspective on Apple’s announcements, interesting things they saw on the show floor, and what’s it like to travel so far for a trade show.

My guests are Riccardo Ettore of Ettore Software and Rob Randtoul of Ettore Software makes the great TypeIt4Me program, while makes desktop wallpaper and business cards.

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Show Notes

I reviewed TypeIt4Me about a year ago—a new version came out in November. In the interview, I talk to Riccardo a bit about the transition to making software for Intel-based Macs from a developer’s perspective.

I mused about Macworld Expo’s international attraction in the Editors’ Notes blog last week.


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