Matrox releases Mac GXM Control Panel software

Matrox Graphics on Tuesday announced the release of the GXM Control Panel software for Macs. The software enables Macs to access additional resolutions for Matrox's DualHead2Go and TripleHead2Go Digital Edition products.

Matrox's DualHead2Go and TripleHead2Go "Graphics eXpansion Module" (GXM) boxes enable Macs to connect to external multi-display arrays -- the DualHead2Go attaches to two additional monitors and the TripleHead2Go lets you hook up to three additional monitors, connecting through the existing monitor output. It's particularly useful for laptop users and others who may have limited external display support.

Both boxes support displays that feature standard or widescreen aspect ratios, and support a maximum resolution of up to 1920 x 1200 per display in dual-display mode or 1280 x 1024 in triple-display mode. The DualHead2Go features a DB-15 (VGA) analog display connection while the TripleHead2G sports a dual-link DVI input.

The software is compatible with Mac OS X v10.4 or later.

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