Fastmac offers high-cap 17-inch MacBook Pro battery

Fastmac has announced an extended-life battery for AppleÕs 17-inch MacBook Pro. The new TruePower battery costs $99.95.

The battery works in all models of MacBook Pro. It uses Lithium-Polymer cells and features integrated charge indicator LEDs like AppleÕs own battery. FastmacÕs TruePower batteries sport sensors inside the battery that detect undesirable levels of swelling and short circuits that power off the battery in extreme conditions.

The TruePower battery for 17-inch MacBook Pros is rated at 71 watt hours (Whr). AppleÕs own battery is rated at 68 Whr.

Fastmac expects to ship the battery within the next 10 days. It comes with a one-year warranty and 30-day money back guarantee.

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