Mac gaming site launches for disabled users

AssistiveWare -- makers of assistive technologies for Mac OS X -- has announced the launch of a new Web site called The new site offers game-related information for Mac users who suffer from physical disabilities. was created as a direct result of user need, according to AssistiveWare CTO David Niemeijer. Niemeijer noted that one of the most frequently asked questions his company receives from customers and potential customers is about what kind of games can be played.

The new site features articles about general gaming topics, reviews of games, and short descriptions of games with a special focus on their accessibility.

The site's editor is Michael Phillips, a long-time contributor to the Web site Inside Mac Games. Phillips himself has been gaming on the Mac using a switch since 1995, so he has plenty of experience. The site also welcomes contributions from any Mac gamer using assistive technology, regardless of disability

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