Torque Game Builder improves editors

GarageGames has released Torque Game Builder version 1.7, an update of their game engine for Mac OS X, Windows and Xbox 360. A free update for registered users, Torque Game Builder costs $100 for independent developers, $495 for commercial users.

Torque Game Builder is a 2D game engine that can be used with Apple's Xcode development environment. It supports sprites, scrolling backgrounds, 3D objects, networked multiplayer gaming, physics and collision detection. The engine combines a 2D toolset with a custom scripting engine called TorqueScript. It includes five game-making tutorials, as well.

The new release improves editors for modifying link points and collision polygons, incorporates new methods for managing scene objects, and has a new editor used to create vector-based objects.

Torque Game Builder requires a G4 or better (including Intel), 512MB RAM, Mac OS X v10.3 or later and an Nvidia or ATI-accelerated 3D graphics card.

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