A day late, 8GB short

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I cut out of work a little early Monday to make a quick trip to the local Apple retail store so that I could pick up two iPhones—one for me, one for my wife. We’ve been mulling the idea for a while. Since we got through the holidays relatively unscathed, we decided it’s time to splurge.

I’ve long been an iPod shuffle user. No need for fancy color screens. Just a few buttons: back, forward, volume up and down. Easy to operate and relatively foolproof—just my thing.

Fast forward to Tuesday morning. I’m at my desk plugging my shiny new toy into my work computer, where it will remain synched. Everything’s going just fine: music, calendars, contacts. They all seem to be transferring just fine with room to spare.

Then in walks Philip Michaels—my boss—with a wry grin on his face, knowing good and well how I spent my Monday afternoon.

Are you going to take that iPhone back, he asks.

No, why?

Because they just released new models today with double the storage space.


So I held out for … what? … six or seven months. Then the day after I finally retire my ancient Motorola V300, a new model hits the showroom floor. Great. Just great.

But now that I’ve had time to think this over, maybe it’s not so bad. After transferring all my music, contacts and calendars, I still have 1.5GB of capacity left on my 8GB phone. The added storage space is the only extra benefit for the added price of $100 announced Tuesday. So as far as my needs go, there’s no need to buy that extra space at a premium. At least not yet.

The only crunch looming on the horizon is the possibility of running out of room should I start subscribing to TV shows and ripping movies. I have almost no video stored on my iPhone now, but that is likely to change.

Now I’m no digital pack-rat—unlike Mr. Jason Snell—mainly because the old shuffle just couldn’t handle superfluous content. But the iPhone will almost certainly change that.

I have found myself browsing the TV section of the iTunes store, someplace I’ve never been before getting my hands on an iPhone. I can see a few shows that would be worth a subscription price. Maybe even several. So those shows may begin piling up if I’m not careful.

The key to surviving on a smaller disk size will be to avoid movies and stick with subscription-based programs. Load only those shows I know I’ll watch and keep flushing the old episodes out.

So yeah, maybe I was bitten by bad timing. I really don’t mind going ahead with a smaller iPhone. Because I figure once the content starts getting crowded, I’ll be fluent enough in the ways of the iPhone that I’ll be able to handle it.

For now I’m content trying to figure out a way to fool that crazy Google Maps locator.

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