VirSyn ships VST3 ready Matrix Vocoder audio plug-in

VirSyn has released the first publicly available third-party audio plug-in with VST3 support, Matrix Vocoder. VST3 is a new audio standard developed by Steinberg that offers developers new tools for developing virtual instruments.

A Vocoder produces a robotic sound in the music by analyzing the input of one of the tracks. VirSyn’s Matrix Vocoder 1.1 utilizes the new native sidechaining ability of VST3 to improve handling and routing when used with Steinberg’s VST3-ready Cubase and Nuendo production environments, the company said.

With the update to version 1.1, Matrix Vocoder is now available as a native VST3 version for Mac OS X 10.4 and Windows XP through the VirSyn website. Martix Vocoder costs 129 Euro ($187).

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