EA to ship Spore this September

Electronic Arts (EA) and development studio Maxis announced Tuesday plans to ship the new game Spore this September. EA plans for simultaneous Mac and PC release. It's also coming to Nintendo DS and mobile phones.

Developed by Will Wright, creator of The Sims and SimCity, Spore is billed as "a personal universe in a box." In Spore, you create and evolve life, first as simple unicellular creatures and then to more complex types, eventually evolving sentient beings who establish tribal relationships and build civilizations, change their worlds, and finally explore the Universe -- a Universe populated by other Spore players.

In Spore, you have direct control over the evolution and upbringing of your creatures, from how they're shaped and how they evolve to what sort of vehicles they use, what sort of buildings they live in, even what sort of spacecraft they use to explore outer space.

The game made its Mac debut at last month's Macworld Expo in San Francisco, when EA announced plans to release Spore for the Mac. As with the six games they brought to the Mac in 2007, EA is using TransGaming's Cider technology to manage the transition to Mac, so Spore will be playable on many Intel-based Macs.

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