Bugs & Fixes: Assorted application crashes

In advance of this long three-day weekend, let’s take a quick look at several application crashes and what you can do to make them a thing of the past.

Do Logic Pro, Logic Express, or GarageBand crash whenever you launch them on a Mac running Leopard? If you have Celemony’s Melodyne 3.x installed, the multitrack audio recording and editing app could be the culprit. Update to version 3.2.2 or later of Melodyne studio and Melodyne cre8, and the crashes should disappear.

If you’ve installed the Adobe Version Cue CS3 3.1.0 update, you may find that Creative Suite 3 applications crash when you attempt to save or open documents with them. The problem is a damaged the VersionCueUI.framework file. To replace it, download and run the FixVCUIFramework program. All should now be well.

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