Adobe introduces Director 11

Adobe Systems on Tuesday introduced Director 11, a major upgrade to the company's multimedia authoring software. It costs $999, $299 if you're upgrading from any of the prior three versions.

Director 11 lets content providers produce multimedia with support for more than 40 different video, audio and image file formats. Director 11 gains support for Adobe Flash CS3 Professional. It also supports Unicode, features an enhanced text rendering engine and refined user interface.

Director 11 now supports Lingo -- Adobe's native scripting language for Director -- as well as JavaScript, the broadly used Internet standard. An enhanced script browser breaks out code snippets using drag and drop techniques.

Adobe is trying to appeal to game developers with the new release of Director 11. The company is offering native 2D and 3D rendering in this new release, along with support for physics modeling using Ageia's PhysX middleware.

System requirements for Director 11 now call for a Mac with a multicore Intel processor, Mac OS X v10.4 or later, 512MB RAM and 500MB hard disk space. Playback via Director Projector and Shockwave Player is still supported on PowerPC based systems, however.

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