Quazal brings online game tech to Mac

Quazal has announced the addition of Mac OS X to the list of platforms it supports with its multiplayer "middleware," software game developers use to enable online gaming.

Quazal is introducing Mac OS X-compatible versions of three products. The products include Net-Z, a system for controlling multiplayer play from 2 to 32 players; Rendez-Vous, which enables game makers to create a "lobby" for their online games, complete with chat rooms, player management, clans, matchmaking, filters and more; and Spark, a "skinnable" lobby implementation that lets developers create a customized-looking multiplayer interface with a minimum of work.

All of Quazal's technology can operate cross-platform, according to the developer. Games that use Quazal's technology include Rock Band, Splinter Cell: Double Agent, Company of Heroes and Supreme Commander. What's more, Quazal has signed deals with Epic Games, makers of Unreal 3, and game publisher THQ.

This obviously shouldn't be taken as an indication that any specific games are coming to the Mac, but it's good news for Mac game developers going forward who are looking to integrate cross-platform multiplayer game support into their titles without having to "roll their own" technology.

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