Ettore ships TypeIt4Me 4.0

Ettore Software has shipped TypeIt4Me 4.0, the company’s text expander for the Mac. Among other features TypeIt4Me 4.0 now automatically corrects spelling mistakes.

TypeIt4Me’s AutoCorrect feature uses Apple’s built-in spell checker, so there is no need for the user to set up long lists of typos and their correct spelling. Users can turn the AutoCorrect feature on and off using a hotkey.

The new version also added a feature called Autocue, which allows users to define boilerplate text with variable parts to be typed when prompted at expansion time.

TypeIt4Me 4.0 costs $27 — students and teachers can purchase the product for $14. Upgrades are $9, but free for users who bought the previous version after 1 August 2006.

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