Deleting .Mac Web Gallery assets

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Reader T.B. is slightly P.O.ed with his .Mac Web Galleries. The initialed one writes:

I was wondering if you know how to delete photos and movies from my .Mac My Gallery? From what I can tell, you have to do it either through iPhoto or iMovie and manage the files there by deleting them from the left pane in iPhoto and from the Share file option in iMovie selecting to remove the movie from .Mac.

I was able to make that work for my pictures and one of my movies. But I still have a movie on My Gallery that I clearly deleted from My Projects in iMovie. I published it and then deleted the project from the program, assuming I would no longer need it. Now I don’t seem to have any other method of removing that movie from My Gallery because I no longer have the project files on my computer.

As you say, normally you get rid of movies by selecting your project in iMovie and choosing Share -> Remove from .Mac. To remove pictures you just select them in iPhoto, press the Mac’s Delete key, and then click on the Gallery in iPhoto’s Web Gallery area to republish the gallery without the image.

If the usual methods don’t do the job (and they should), you’re welcome to lift the hood and start ripping out the parts you don’t want. In this case that means doing the following:

In the Finder choose Go -> iDisk -> My iDisk. When your iDisk mounts on the Desktop navigate to: your .Mac user name/Web/Sites and locate the _gallery folder within the Sites folder. Inside this folder you’ll find at least one folder that bears a six-number name—100123, for example. This number corresponds to the numerical ID assigned to your Web Gallery by your Mac (that number appears in the gallery’s URL). To delete an entire Web Gallery locate the folder that corresponds to it and drag it to the Trash. When you next look at your My Gallery page, that gallery should be gone.

You can also delete individual pictures and movies using this method. To do so, open the six-digit folder and you’ll see items that bear the names of your images (these will be folders) or movie files that correspond to the movies you published from iMovie. Locate the item whose name belongs to the image or movie you want to delete and drag it to the Trash.

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