Twitterific adds new keyboard shortcuts

The Iconfactory on Thursday released Twitterific 3.1, a new version of its software that acts as an interface to the popular Twitter social networking Web site. It’s a free update.

Twitter lets users communicate with friends, family and colleagues by posting “Tweets” — short bursts of text, 140 characters or less. Users can subscribe to each others’ Twitter feeds, and can respond to Tweets that interest them. Twitterific provides a Mac OS X-native interface for interacting with Twitter users apart from a Web site.

Changes in Twitterific 3.1 include a new preference to control the scrolling of tweets in the Twitterific window, new keyboard shortcuts, new power user preferences, a delay to auto-hiding the window when using a mouse scroll wheel, an action menu showing common keyboard shortcuts, proper sorting and summarizing of Growl notifications, and a hidden cursor after selecting a tweet, making it easier to read. A number of bug fixes were also made — you can review all the changes in an online version history.

Twitterific can be used free of charge; it’s available with embedded advertisements. To remove the advertisements, users can pay a $14.95 registration fee.

System requirements call for mac OS X v10.4 or later and a Twitter account (Twitter accounts are free to register for).

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